A burglary takes place every two minutes

Investing in security systems is worth your while.

The number of break-ins has more than doubled over the past 30 years.* All the statistics and studies on the frequency of break-ins paint a clear picture: A home is broken into every two minutes in Germany. The crime statistics for 2015 showed 167,136 domestic burglaries. This represents a 9.9 percent increase on 2014. Break-ins mainly occur as darkness falls. Around 60 percent of the break-ins took place in the evening or at night.* But the risk of break-ins during the day should also not be underestimated.

The proportion of failed break-ins is steadily increasing. According to police, this is due to increased use of security technology. In 2003, thirty percent of break-ins were foiled by security systems whereas this figure reached over forty percent in 2015. In other words, investing in security systems is worth your while.