High-quality locking cylinders are a key part of security

Burglars use a variety of methods to tamper with locking cylinders.

Burglars will bring along all kinds of tools and technology to gain entry to your house or apartment. They will then use different methods to force entry. They

are very resourceful in using a whole range of tools and continually work to optimise their 'trade'.

The longer burglars take to attempt a break-in, the greater their chances are of being discovered. Burglars therefore usually take no more than three to five minutes. Any longer than that and they abandon the attempt. Ensure that it will take as long as possible to attempt a forced entry into your home and install high-grade ASSA ABLOY security technology that will frustrate burglars completely.


Special tools or bump keys are used to tamper with the locking cylinder without damaging it. Finding proof is often difficult following a break-in.


A drill is used to destroy the mechanism of the locking cylinder so that the door lock can be opened.

Breaking off or pulling out

If the locking cylinder on the external side of the door protrudes over the door frame by more than 3 mm, the locking cylinder can be broken off or pulled out with a tool.

Unauthorised key copies

If original keys get into the hands of unauthorised individuals, they can often be copied with conventional key copying machines without the knowledge of the owner.